Druid Squirrel (druidsquirrel) wrote,
Druid Squirrel

Atheist notes

There's this old joke about a person stopped at an IRA checkpoint in Northern Ireland. The IRA soldier demands "Are you Protestant or Catholic?", the person replies "Atheist". The soldier is confused for a second but then says "Atheist Protestant or atheist Catholic?".

Which is just a long-winded way of saying that although I'm Druid, I'm atheist Druid.

Just saw a great quote by David Hume:

Bad things happen when people decorate their bare, inchoate, unstable and inconsistent imaginings with the baser trappings of their culture. They come out of the fog bearing ludicrous beliefs about cosmology or biology, or carrying their envies and fears, their embarrassments about sex in general or certain varieties in particular, their desire to steal some land or make war on their neighbours. Deities then become dangerous, megaphones through which emotions are whipped up and particular moral demands are given a spurious authority. People need prophets and priests to carry the megaphones, and they are often supposed to signal their rapport with the deity by making remarkable things happen.

Or, to put it more succinctly:

Whoever can get you to believe absurdities can get you to commit atrocities.

On a slightly different note... it just dawned on me that whenever an atheist is depicted on TV or in a movie, it's always the same: they grew up happily going to church until some Big Personal Disaster happened to them and convinced them that God couldn't possibly let something like that happen and therefore does not exist. If they can just work through their person anger and see God's plan, they'll get their faith back. Rendereth unto me a freaking break. Did anyone ever consider the possibility that some people might just realize that magic Jewish zombies are as ridiculous as flying pasta monsters?
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